May 7, 2022

punctuation pointers

       Clarity, clarity, and clarity are the three main reasons for Punctuation. Punctuation marks are signposts that guide your reader through the sentences you have built and bring him out of understanding what you’ve said. Here’s a review of the most important punctuation marks and their uses.

  • The sole purpose of punctuation is to make the meaning of the written word clear to the reader.

The rule of punctuation is governed mainly by common sense, not by the whims of grammarians. so it is easy to master them, particularly if you keep constantly in mind the principal object of punctuation is clarity. 

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Kazeem Lawal

I’m Kazeem Lawal, Mechanical and Industrial Engineer by profession. I write about Technological Entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Feel free to read my content, ask questions, and share it with the world. | +234 706 076 3315.

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