September 26, 2020



This article focuses on criteria to enhancing engineering professionalism through the promotion of functional and qualitative education and training in Nigeria. It examines the factors influencing the establishment of engineering standards and codes of conduct in Nigeria. It also discusses challenges affecting the low impact of functional and qualitative engineering education in Nigeria. The paper then recommends strategies for enhancing engineering professionalism and strengthening technology-based organisations in manufacturing, contracting / consulting, design, education and training among others in Nigeria.

Keywords: Engineering, Professionalism, Engineering standards, Codes of conduct, Functional and Qualitative Education, Nigeria.

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Kazeem Lawal

I’m Kazeem Lawal, Mechanical and Industrial Engineer by profession. I write about Technological Entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Feel free to read my content, ask questions, and share it with the world. | +234 706 076 3315.

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